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Is your company or organization involved in the development and use of cutting edge technology? Show off your talents to a few of our highly motivated CodeOrlando students as we explore coding, robotics, aerospace engineering, and data analytics.

Industry Experts

Every student needs a mentor. We are looking for industry experts to educate and inform our students of the impact technology has on the future. Help us support our future innovators by lending stories, expertise, and just a little bit of time.


Technology shapes and molds students' lives in ways that often fall forgotten. Help us support Orlando's growing workforce by donating old laptops, iPads, and other equipment.


We want our students to see your organization's on site, so that they can understand what working in technology looks like, and that exciting opportunities are available right in the Central Florida area.

Job Shadowing

We would be honored to have your organization take a small group of students on-site for a week, and have them shadow your technology developers. Help solve a problem and bring their creativity to your design and development.
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My New Red Shoes

Our Mission

My New Red Shoes (MNRS) works to improve the quality of life and well-being of children and youth experiencing economic hardship. MNRS believes that all children should have their most basic needs met (housing, food, medical care and clothing), and they should have the opportunity to fully engage in the school experience - both in the classroom and on the playground.

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Our Impact

MNRS closes the clothing, opportunity and inclusion gap for students experiencing poverty. The organization partners with child-serving agencies and schools to identify children and youth who would most benefit from receiving new shoes and clothing. Since 2006, My New Red Shoes has clothed more than 65,000 children and youth, eliminating a barrier to school attendance and success while working to build a stronger, healthier and more caring community for all children.

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New Initiative: Sports & Athletics

Sports can play a transformational role in a young person's life. Yet, many students experiencing economic hardship often lack the opportunity to participate in sports programs because they are unable to afford appropriate athletic footwear and apparel. A basic pair of well fitting athletic shoes or cleats can be out of reach for families struggling to make ends meet. MNRS partners with other nonprofit organizations and school programs to address the footwear and apparel needs of low-income athletes on a year-round basis.

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We are looking for talented technologists who are passionate about STEM related subjects; anything from electrical engineering, game coding to VR and 3D imaging.

Many of our students may be the first to consider college, and may not otherwise be exposed to the fascinating and critical world of coding, engineering, aerospace technology and robotics. You will lead a small group of students as they explore various branches of technology and assist them as they work on their own projects to solve a problem, demonstrate a concept or create code for an application.

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We partner with local schools, industries and technologists to support and encourage our students. We increase the pipeline of students into science, technology, engineering, math and critical technology fields.

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